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Looking for fun? Book a food tour in Murrells Inlet today. Go to multiple restaurants in one trip.

Are you traveling and looking for things to do in Murrells Inlet SC?  Look no further than a Murrells Inlet tour! A food tour, that is. Why settle for only eating at a couple of restaurants during your entire trip, when you can really maximize your vacation time on a tour in Murrells Inlet to really get a sense of the culinary scene our town has to offer? We can’t wait to show you what our tours are all about in the inlet!

What Does the Food Tour in Murrells Inlet Entail?

Our Murrells Inlet tour starts at 3pm, and it last for 2.5 hours.  Most people allot more time, however, because they find it difficult to leave after such a good time. Not only do our tour guests get to sample excellent dishes from some of the best restaurants on the coast, you also get to learn about the different types of inlet seafood and view the absolute beauty that is Murrells Inlet.  We take you to award-winning restaurants like Drunken Jack’s Seafood Restaurant, and you’ll get to spot the beautiful local birds and learn about our goat island– yes, we said goat island.

Why Do a Food Tour in Murrells Inlet SC?

Whether you’re a local or a guest, a tour in Murrells Inlet SC could be just the thing you need to escape the stress of the day-to-day for a while.  What’s more relaxing than eating great food, touring beautiful scenery, sipping wine pairings and cocktails and meeting new foodie friends? On our tours, people often find that they’re so relaxed and having so much fun that they don’t want to leave!  If you’re visiting, a food tour in Murrells Inlet is a good way to maximize your vacation time.  Instead of eating at one restaurant on vacation, you’ll get to go to 2-3 in one day letting you really experience the cuisine that the inlet has to offer. Plus, it gives you all of the bang for your buck!  Food, drinks and tips at each restaurant are included in your ticket price!* Learn more about our tours in Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Island and Georgetown.

What If…

What if you purchase a ticket and the weather unfortunately turns severe? No worries! If there is dangerous weather about, we’ll refund your ticket. It’s likely just a little summer rain– those pop up from time-to-time in our area, but rest assured we are watching the weather, and if things turn bad, we’ll let you know 3 hours ahead that we won’t be touring for the night.  What should you bring on a food tour? Definitely bring your appetite, comfy shoes are a plus and money if you’d like to purchase something along the way and/or tip your tour guide. For other FAQs and Carolina Food Tour policies, be sure to check our policies page.

Don’t Forget to Book Your Tour in Murrells Inlet SC Today

Book online today.  We have tours in Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Island and Georgetown currently.  We are working on some expanded tours, so please stay tuned for Carolina Food Tour updates!  If you have any questions about any of our local food tours, please feel free to fill out our online form or give us a call at (843) 687-2312. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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