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Carolina Food Tours gives you a tour in Georgetown like you’ve never done a tour in Georgetown before!  Maybe you haven’t done a tour here before. If that’s the case, it’s time to check out Carolina Food Tours for things to do on your vacation in this beautifully historic town.

What’s a “Food Tour,” You Ask?

We love to take people visiting Georgetown to eat!  We’re proud of our tasty cuisine, and we want everyone to know about it and our beautiful town!  On vacation, you may only get to eat at a couple of restaurants during your entire stay. A food tour is a great way to maximize your travel time. On a Carolina Food Tour in Georgetown, you get to eat anywhere from 2- 4 restaurants in one night!  We’ll take you on a walking tour to sample entrees, appetizers, drinks, desserts and more at a variety of restaurants. It’s an experience you’ll go home and tell all of your friends about for weeks!

“OK Google, Find Best Restaurants Near Me…”

We’ve all Googled “Restaurants Near Me” while on vacation.  You don’t know where to go, you’re new in town. You passed a place coming into Georgetown, but what if it’s not what you’re in the mood for– or even good for that matter?  You spend countless minutes talking to Siri only for her to ultimately bring up national fast food joints on our phone. When you’re on vacation, if you’re like us, that’s the last thing you want to feed your family.  You’re probably looking for great food, a wonderful atmosphere, friendly local staff and a great experience. This is where Carolina Food Tours in Georgetown SC comes in. We won’t let Siri lead you astray. We know the best restaurants in town– we’re local, we know the chefs, we’ve got you covered on all of the above, so that you have a great food experience on your probably much-needed vacation.  Don’t settle for Googling “restaurants near me!” Try a Georgetown tour instead! We promise you won’t be sorry you took our advice. Expect an amazing time!

Tours in Georgetown SC

Currently, we have our Georgetown Evening Tour.  This tour brings you to the best restaurants in Georgetown.  The tour begins at Alfresco’s Bistro and continues on to two other restaurants on Front Street.  You’ll enjoy a night of excellent cuisine, a variety of flavors, new friends and memories you’ll have for a lifetime.

Why Choose Carolina Food Tours?

At Carolina Food Tours, we genuinely care about your experience.  We’ll welcome you with open arms and extend to you the Southern Hospitality you hear about when planning to come to South Carolina. Carolina Food Tours is locally-owned, so you can rest assured we know how to give a grand tour in Georgetown SC!  Carolina Food Tours came about because of one woman’s love for food and human connection.  She’s since shared the love and yummy food with many a vacationer throughout Georgetown, Pawleys Island, Murrells Inlet and the entire Myrtle Beach area.  She also loves South Carolina and fills her tours with knowledge of the area. On a tour in historic Georgetown, you’ll find out things like how Mayor Morgan had 2,000 live oaks planted around the city, giving this little town an extra flare of Southern charm.  You’ll also learn what the old courthouse in Georgetown and the Washington Monument have in common– No spoilers!  We do hope you’ll choose us for your tour in Georgetown while on your vacation. To book your tour, check out our Georgetown Tour page here.

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Choose Carolina Food Tours in Georgetown for an experience you won’t forget, and you’ll love to remember.  We offer Georgetown SC tours, tours in Pawleys Island, tours in Murrells Inlet and more. We’re always changing up the tours, so check out our website and social media for all of the information.  Do what the locals do– a Carolina Food Tour!  Book online today. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at 843-687-2312, or fill out our contact form online!

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