Things to do in Georgetown SC

2. Things to do in Georgetown SC

Endlessly searching for things to do in Georgetown sc on your vacation?  Search no more! Carolina Food Tours has been waiting for you! You won’t want to miss out on our history/culture-focused food tours where we’ll take you to the best spots in town to try local food.  In addition to good food and fun, you’ll get an interesting history lesson of the town. Including spooky ghost stories/legends, significant political happenings and more! Did you know Georgetown is the third oldest city in South Carolina?  We’ve got a lot of history to tell you about!


Finding Georgetown things to do on your vacation

It’s vacation time!  We know tons of Googling what to do in Georgetown has ensued since your decision, so we’re going to cover all of the bases with our georgetown tours.  If you’re interested in any of the following topics, you’ll get along just fine on our food tour:

-Historical tours

-Culinary tours

-local hot spots

-best local restaurants in Georgetown

-best cocktails in Georgetown

-Bachelorette party ideas in Georgetown SC

-And more!

We strive to bring our guests what they want in a food tour.  After the tour, you’ll be glad you came to the beautiful town on the Grand Strand that is Georgetown SC.  We’ve got beaches, histories, great food and hospitality! So, no more searching things to do in Georgetown SC, because we’ve got your back!

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