Historic Tours in Georgetown SC

  1. Historic tours in Georgetown SC


As the third oldest city in South Carolina, Georgetown has a lot of history!  Our historic tours Georgetown SC give you the entire experience! Seriously, we have ghosts and pirates and good food- oh my!  You’re not going to want to miss this historical tour-- trust us!


Why you should be interested in our historical food tours:


Georgetown is famous for many things.  Some of the things you’ll learn about on our culinary tours in Georgetown are pirates, why the town has long been known for its warmth and Southern hospitality, the big role that Georgetown played in the Revolutionary War, why the first settlers stopped here, why a plant caused so much unrest and more.  In addition to all of the fun history you’ll learn about, you’ll also get to try yummy local restaurants!


Picture it: Georgetown SC historical tours, your next vacation!


And all of the photo opportunities you’ll get on these tours!  There are so many. From the beautiful Southern oaks that line our streets, to the amazing waterfront restaurants and excellently plated food, there will be no shortage of vacation photos you’ll have to show your friends and family back home.  

Some of our tours will be walking tours, some of them will be limo tours.  Check out all of our available tours on the tours page.

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We have various food tours on the Grand Strand.  You can choose from several, and we have more coming soon!  Keep track of all our our updated tours by signing up for our newsletter.  From bachelorette parties in Georgetown to family tours you’ll have an array of options to sign up for.  Check out our policies page for more details-- or give us a call! We can’t wait to show you around the Grand Strand!

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