Culinary tours in Georgetown SC

  1. Culinary tours Georgetown SC

Waterfront restaurants, historic downtown area, fun and interesting legends-- Georgetown culinary tours has a lot to see.  As the third oldest city in South Carolina, Georgetown is full of culture and stories that will entertain all ages. From fresh seafood and lowcountry cuisine, you’ll experience it all on our food tours!  Our mission is to bring people together while enjoying great local food and having fun. Don’t just take our word for it! Check out a Carolina food tour for yourself!

What you’ll experience on culinary tours in Georgetown SC

Our tours have something for everyone in the family!  Is little Susie an Instagram queen? We’ll have photo-ops for her.  Is Grandma obsessed with big Southern oak trees that line the streets in between Georgetown restaurants?  She’ll see plenty of them. Is Dad fascinated with pirates? Blackbeard was a Georgetown fan-- you’ll hear all about his visits here.  From history to culture to good food, our food tours will incorporate it all.


Benefits of taking Georgetown culinary tours on your vacation


  • You’ll get to see where the locals eat

  • You’ll get to hear about Georgetown from a local

  • You’ll get to meet people-- new friends!

  • You’ll get to eat amazing Southern food but also other cultural food we have here

  • You’ll get to learn about the third oldest city in South Carolina

  • You’ll get to drink top-shelf, grade A cocktails

  • You’ll get to learn about local beer

  • You’ll get a relaxing yet fun experience with your family


How to book a Carolina Food Tour:

We’ve made it really simple to book your tours.  In fact, you can book one right here online. Click this link to choose which tour you’re most interested in-- we’re always adding more tours!  For more information about our culinary tours Georgetown SC, take a gander at our policies page where you’ll see frequently asked questions or give us a call!  We can’t wait to show you charming Georgetown!


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